In the Bunker After the Glasgow East Result

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Anonymous said...

brilliant, and horribly true!!!

Anonymous said...

Bruno Ganz is eerily convincing as Brown isn't he?

Watcher said...

Best ever - but should carry a Don't Watch in Open Plan warning.

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...


Allied Forces are questioning a vaguely familiar figure in the ante-room of the bunker.

David von Miliband (for it is he): "I voz never a key player in ze Fuhrer's plans. I had only a minor role as Foreign Secretary. I feared that if I did not go along with him there would be a dawn raid and they would take away . . . my official car, the salary, the pension. I voz only 15 years of age and easily led"

National Viewers and Listeners said...

Best guytv yet.

(Yes, even better than than the bogey.)

Anonymous said...

No doubt you realise that the (superior) Sheffield United relegation version is Tom Watson's favourite YouTube clip.

Anonymous said...

And I see you've left the Derby County reference in as hommage to the original.

Anonymous said...

Bunker king or bunker queen or just plain queen?

Arkangel said...

Masterly...I nearly wet myself laughing..

Dunfesterin - I eat a deep fried mars bar after I pump an English bird, thats why I'm so fat said...

Ah, how the English laugh at the Glaswegians - but we're having the last laugh on YOU.

So long, my effeminate English chums, 2010 will be the day your empire finally crumbles - oh wait, you still have jamaica!!

Anonymous said...

Err,'re kind of assuming it is the English who want to keep Scotland in the "empire"? As Der Braun Fuhrer knows only too well, it is the other way round for Der Neu Arbeit Partei. Otherwise all Der Braun Fuhrer has to look forward to is keeping Glasgow East in deep fried Mars bars without any contribution from south of the border. Shorthand = fuck off, and take Der Braun Fuhrer with you, don't pass go and don't wait for 2010.


Scary Biscuits said...

Dunfesterin, If you knew any history you'd know that the Scots had at least as much to do with the empire as the English did, more per person. If you're ashamed of it, you're just as guilty as us English.

Once upon a time Scottish ingenuity and enterpise made a positive contribution not just to Britain but to the whole world. Not any more.

Now fuck off and go and earn your own money instead of scabbing of us.

Anonymous said...

gone steal the iraqi's oil with your america's masters and leave Scotlands alone ya sponging cunts !!

gildedtumbrils said...

A truly magnificent work.
The portrayal of Broon/Hitler is uncannily
A tour de force by the Swiss actor Broono
Ganz. Pure perfection.
Soon we shall see the departure of the Great Arsehole of the 21st Century.

notareargunner said...

"bestimmt, sehr gut. The ginger wigs and illegal immigrants fucked up this Roman democratic federation of like minded simpletons...Mr Darling, do you know the symptoms?"
Ja, mien fuhrer. They are a family of square headed people on Amerikanische TV."
"Fucking Dumbkopf..."

Dunfesterin - I love upsetting dim English chavs who don't check their facts said...

"Once upon a time Scottish ingenuity and enterpise made a positive contribution not just to Britain but to the whole world. Not any more."

So that advanced treatment for Alzheimers that Aberdeen University released this week is of no use then?

I'll go tell them.

Oh, and no-one needs the cloning techniques Scotland created, for dolly the sheep? OK then. Take that back too ;-)

Useless English bastards!!! Are you Daily Mail readers !!!

jock turdpacker said...

Fucking great! a cloned sheep it's a must have for everyone.
Alzheimers is something all jocks are born with anyway you fucktard.

cluelessandproudofit said...

What does the "Ginger Wig" reference mean?

Anonymous said...

you know all this arguing across the border is not very helpful, its clear the engerlish dont want us any more, at long last i may add. so the sooner we can break up this so called union the better for everyone.

every and any INDEPENDENT financial analyst has come to the conclusion that once Scotland is no longer colonised by the engerlish it WILL be a top 5 economy on its own.

there have been more than enough experts come out and admit Scotland has been propping up engerlund for decades its not even longer a question about if but when we get our country back.

the engurlish quthorities and hanging on to scotland for dear life, they know they will struggle without us.

if engurland is so sure they subsidise us then i strongly urge them to seek independencs oftheir own.

engurland should be proud to be engurlish and should want to stand up for them selves, same goes for wales and they should give ireland back the six counties too

Anonymous said...

So what is Scotland waiting for then?
You Scots sound like you're trying to convince yourself, rather than the English

Anonymous said...

Indeed, my perfumed-friend. We Scots have believed the hype for so long and are only now acquiring the self-belief we will need to start again after 301 years of "union". I would suggest we postpone the argument until the union has been dissolved (and it will).

I do believe the "British" once thought the irish were too lazy, illiterate and constantly drunk to manage their own affairs, too!

Slainte Mhor!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:14

I bare no malice to Scotland and wish it every success as an independant nation.
I just hate dunfesterin and fucking delicious they're just fuckwits that happen to be Scotish,every country has them i suppose.