Toby Young on the Tory Mayoral Hustings

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Topie said...

the guy about 4:55 from the end looks like a christopher morris character!

Topie said...

...and boris's stump speech had a bit of the michael foot about it!

tapestry said...

boff seems an easier person to sell to londoners than boris.

boris should maybe run a Conservative youth organisation...and not try to be a real politician....that or drop his previous funny man persona and replace it with a serious facts and figures less flamboyant one.

he's bringing attenion to the conservative mayor election process as no one else could, but should he win it?

he's got to dare to become a new person overnight, and leave the comic act behind. if a real debate had been allowed, boris might have shown more of what he can do.

change the format next time to allow real debate. it will help the true picture come out.